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CERAMIC TILES are clay bodied tiles with a glaze baked on the surface. This glaze may contain a pattern, be a solid color, or have a mottled or marbled appearance. Because of this glaze, the color of the tile will not go all the way through the clay body. Meaning, that if this tile were to be chipped or cracked, the clay body underneath would show through.
Ceramic tiles can be further broken down into wall or floor tiles. Ceramic floor tiles tend to be thicker than wall tiles, and have a more durable, slip resistant glaze. While ceramic floor tiles can used on walls, it is inadvisable to use wall tiles on the floor.

PORCELAIN TILES are what’s known as a through body material. This means that the color and patterning of the material goes straight through the clay body. This type of manufacturing makes a harder, more durable tile, and in the event that something was to chip a tile, it would be more difficult to discern the chip, as the color of the tile would not change.

Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Advantages:
Classic appearance -- tile holds an ancient mystique and today's tile products perform better than ever
Ease of maintenance -- stain-resistant and easily cleaned with sweeping and occasional mopping
Ceramic tile is one of the most long-lasting types of flooring surfaces and great for high-traffic areas
Ceramic tile offers nearly unlimited color choices, textures and finishes to fit any decor from bright to subdued

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