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Vinyl Composition Tile referred to as VCT, is made from polyvinyl esters and inorganic fillers. Polyvinyl esters are manufactured using the same process as used for PVC and is composed of chlorine from common salt and from crude oil. Compared with other types of vinyl flooring, vinyl composition tile (VCT) contains a high proportion of inorganic filler. Fillers increase the dimensional solidity and reduce the elasticity of vinyl flooring. They also improve flame spread rating and reduce smoke generation. Calcium carbonate (limestone) is the preferred filler in vinyl flooring. Talc and clay are rarely used because of the stiffening effect. In the past, asbestos was used as a filler.

Customarily VCT is available in twelve or eighteen inch squares, with endless color options and patterns to choose from. Vinyl composition tiles are inexpensive, virtually indestructible, and easier to install than most other flooring materials. You will find VCT used in most commercial buildings. Schools and grocery stores generally use VCT because of the high traffic levels and the ease of maintenance in these buildings. With our specialty tile removal equipment, our crews can remove large areas of old tile and replace new VCT on your project quickly and efficiently.

Some Things You Should Know About VCT:
Doesn’t crack like ceramic tile
VCT has a low life cycle cost
Easy Maintenance
Extremely durable
Unlimited Colors and Patterns
Scuff, burn, dent, and grease resistant

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