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Polished Concrete Floors
  How is it done?  

How long will it last?
  What maintenance is required?  
  Is it slippery?  
  What is the cost?  
  Are there any harmful VOC’s?  
  Where are people using it?  
  What about stains?  
  Do forklift tires mess it up?  
  What about 75-year-old concrete that is pitted, well worn, or has had coatings applied?  
  Can the shine be destroyed?  
  During construction when should it be done?  
  Is it good in schools?  
  Where do you not recommend it in a school?  
  If a re-polish is needed in 5 or 10 years, what is the cost?  
  Is it dusty or messy?  
  Can rain-damaged or carbonated concrete be polished?  
  Do you apply a sealer?  

Acid Stain Floors  
  What is acid staining?  
  Will my concrete appear like the color shown on this web site?  
  How long will the staining last?  
  Will the stain produce an uniform color?  
  Can I put a curing compound on my slab?  
  What are the most common uses for "Chemical Staining"?  
  Is this a new product?  
  Why use a chemical stain as opposed to other methods of coloring concrete?  

Engraved Concrete  
  Where can Engraved Concrete be used?  
  What is Concrete Engraving?  
  In what type of areas can Concrete Engraving be used?  
  How is the color of the existing Concrete changed?  
  Is Concrete Engraving done on new or old concrete?  
  How do Engraved patterns look several years after installation?  
  Does Concrete Engraving Add to the Thickness of the Concrete?  
  How do I maintain my engraved surfaces?  
  After several years, what if I don't want an aged look? Can you re-stain the pattern?  
  What is the life expectancy of a installation?  
  How long will installation take?  


Tile - VCT, PVC, and Ceramic  
  Ceramic and Porcelain tiles  
  What is the difference between standard “ceramic” tiles and porcelain tiles?  
  Can ceramic tile be used outdoors?  
  What is the difference between glazed and full-body tiles?  
  Should a sealer be used on ceramic tile?  
  Where can your tiles be used and what is a PEI rating?  
  PVC Flooring  
  Is PVC flooring safe to use?  
  Is PVC flooring environmentally acceptable?  
  Does PVC flooring pose a particular problem in a building fire?  
  Do I need edges?  
  Can I install over an old floor, or uneven surface?  
  VCT Tiled Flooring  
  Can I install over an old floor, or uneven surface?  



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